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I live in Albany and have made the trip to Eugene to see Dr. Blair for over 16 years!  I tried every chiropractor in Corvallis and when none of them were acceptable, I was told of Dr. Blair in Eugene.  I was impressed with his care and method of adjustment and have been coming at least once a month ever since!  Thank you, Dr. Blair!  -Louise M.

Dr. Gary Blair

Dr. Blair has been serving the fine people of the Pacific Northwest for going on 30 years.  During that time, he has developed a passion for family practice with a special interest in sports medicine - helping patients realize their full physical potential.  Dr. Blair will take time to listen, analyze and then treat your condition.  His motto "taking the time to care" is not a cliche, but a reality.

Dr. Blair practices primarily a diversified approach to chiropractic, with an emphasis on spinal correction and rehabilitation.  He also uses activator, SOT and therapy techniques, as well as extremity adjusting.  Both Dr. Blair augment their chiropractic adjusting with physiotherapy, exercise programs, and nutritional support.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Blair is an avid mountaineer, having scaled many of the peaks in Washington and Oregon.  In addition, he loves to bicycle, kayak and back country ski.  The Northwest provides a recreational paradise.  Dr. Blair also has many years dedicated in services to his family and church.