Athletics & Chiropractic

Chances are that you’ve tuned in to at least one of the major Eugene sporting events this past year - whether it was to watch the Duck football team at the Fiesta Bowl, the U of O men’s basketball team at the Sweet Sixteen, or the 2012 Olympic Track and Field trials at Hayward field.  While watching these events, it’s hard to miss the cluster of chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists treating athletes on the sidelines.  Chiropractic care is pervasive in the sports arena!  But does chiropractic care really benefit athletes?

A systematic review published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association attempted to answer this very question (Miniers, 2010).  The seven studies included in the review were interestingly diverse and included the following results:
balance improvement among dancers (Waters & Boone, 1988)
running time and distance improvement in female runners (Grimson, 1990)
golf swing improvement (Costa, 2009)

Unfortunately, the author of the review noted that while the trends in all seven studies suggested a probable correlation between chiropractic care and improved athletic performance, larger studies are needed to make these results statistically significant enough for real-world conclusions to be drawn.

But today’s chiropractors will tell you that they do not need statistics in a research paper as prove that chiropractic care can help athletes...they know from experience that chiropractic care:
improves flexibility and motion
improves coordination
reduces joint and muscle pain
reduces post-injury recovery time

Dr. Blair is an avid mountain climber, mountain biker, and downhill skiier, making his passion for and knowledge of sports chiropractic more than just textbook-deep.

If you know an athlete, refer them to our office so they can experience the benefits of sports chiropractic!